How To Get Champions League Final Tickets

Champions League Final - London 2024

Tickets for the 2024 Champions League Final in London, United Kingdom are now available on safe and trusted resale websites, see below for more information. Borussia Dortmund versus Real Madrid.

 The UEFA Champions League Final, the biggest club game in world football:

 London 2024

Tickets are in extremely high demand with very limited supply. The aim of this guide is to give you the best options so you don’t lose money buying tickets.

Tip #1 :Only use a trusted and recommended ticket website. See below for our top choice.

Buy From Official Football Club?

Both Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will have an allocation of tickets for their fans, however the amount of tickets available is much lower than the demand. Unless you are a Season Ticket Holder at either of the clubs, there is minimal chance to get tickets at the original price.

 Where is The Best Place To Buy 2024 Champions League Tickets?

From my own personal experiences and advice that we have given to thousands of fans from around the world, see below for  our most trusted websites to purchase tickets. We have recommended these for the Champions League Finals tickets since 2011 and have always received excellent feedback. Please note that tickets for this game are always expensive so it is highly recommended that you use a trusted and safe website.

Tip #2 : It is advised to purchase tickets directly online, this ensures your ticket confirmation is instant.

Our Top Choice For All Champions League tickets. Recommended for all major football tickets. 150% Guaranteed
Avoid Website
Avoid Website

We believe that due to the very high demand of the Champions League Final ticket prices will increase the closer we get to the date. There will no way of getting cheap tickets unless you get directly from any club or are successful in the UEFA Ballot.

2024 London Champions League Final 

The 2023 final of the Champions League tournament by UEFA will take place in the English capital city of London at the iconic Wembley Stadium. As it is accessible from everywhere in Europe and the transport hubs are fantastic, thousands of fans will be in London for the final.

2024 Champions Final

UEFA Ballot

Unfortunately the UEFA Ballot is now closed for 2024 tickets. 

What Will Tickets Look Like?

Most tickets will be in the form of digital tickets in which they will be on the official UEFA Mobile Ticket App . Users will then use their mobile device to enter the stadium with the QR code. Other tickets will be in the form of standard format, image to be uploaded soon when they are released.

Classified Ads/Craigslist/Gumtree

Classified Ads websites are a sure way to get scammed out of money for non-existent tickets. This method is the number 1 way people get ripped-off. Anyone in the world can advertise tickets on classified websites, however they do not possess them and the whole intention is to trick you into send them payment. Tickets WILL NOT ARRIVE. Please do not send them money, whatever the excuse they say.

As in my other articles PLEASE DO NOT USE these websites for Champions League final tickets. Hundreds of victims fall victim to these scammers every final and they all have the same method. Primarily they want you send money either via bank transfer, Western Union, bitcoin, UKash etc.  The scammer uses the fact that fans are desperate for tickets and want to believe that they can buy them for a good price. Scammers will use every excuse as to why you should send them cash before they deliver the tickets. Current excuses include that they are working away, cannot meet in person etc but they can send you the tickets when you make payment.

If possible, my advice would be to use one of the trusted websites in our table above, this ensures you get the tickets for the final in Paris. Paying for tickets on Craigslist or Gumtree will only result in disappointment and loss of money.

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Paris Stade de France

At The Stadium

All European Final stadiums have a policy of not selling tickets to games on match day. With this there will be no tickets available from the box office. There are only a couple of pubs and bars nearby that may or may not show the game. was set up in 2010 to help fans through providing information and tips needed to be able to purchase football tickets.


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    I live in Italy ROME and I’m a Juventus fans I don’t have passport but I have my SOGGIORNO can I use it

  2. Bryan Reply

    Just realized you have removed is it not recommend anymore?

  3. Joshua Bond Reply

    If you are licky enough to win the draw how many tickets to you win

  4. Chris Reply

    How much are tickets usually? For example if I wanted a front seat in the central area.

  5. Alex Reply

    When do UCL 2017 tickets go on sale on the UEFA website

  6. david Reply

    will I be able to enter the stadium with a senior ticket if i’m 18 years old?


  7. Ivan Reply

    Hi Adam,
    How much will be the lowest cost for the final in the second market.

  8. Carlos Reply

    How do I apply in the uefa ballot…? Thanks!!!

    • Reply

      The UEFA Ballot is currently closed. Each year around March the Ballot opens for around 14 days.

  9. Karan Reply

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for all the information. I understand getting tickets for the final will be extremely difficult, what is the best possible way to stand the best possible chance to get tickets? What are the secondary sources for guaranteed tickets?

    • Reply

      Hi Karan,
      The best way would be to apply in the UEFA Ballot, this starts normally in April. If you are lucky enough to win, you get tickets at the original cost. Aside from that I will add more information closer to the time. Hope this helps. Thanks

  10. Halima, South Africa Reply

    UEFA’s official site says access will be denied if name on ticket does not correspond to ID. So will I be denied access if I purchase tickets through secondary market ?

    • Reply

      Hi Halima,

      UEFA,FIFA, Premier League etc all state the same rules. However, we have not seen any ID checks on the entrances to the Champions League in over 10 years and do not expect anything different. The logistics means that only a small percentage of people enter the stadium with tickets
      Hope this helps.

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