Europa League Final Tickets 2024

Update for Final 2024
Tickets and information for the 2024 Europa League final will be available here as soon as the details are released from UEFA.

Aviva Stadium, Dublin,  Ireland will give you the best options on where and how to get your Final Tickets so that you can be part of the amazing atmosphere in Aviva Stadium, Dublin,  Ireland.

Where Should I Get Tickets?

The most obvious answer would be to purchase directly from the club, however,  unless you are a Season Ticket holder and have been to all the games in the Europa League tournament, this won’t be possible.

Europa Final. Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland


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What Can I expect to Pay ?

For the previous seasons, ticket prices in the secondary market are more reasonable than the Champions League, however the Europa League Final is still a major sporting event so ticket prices can also be expensive. It is recommended that if you do decide to purchase tickets in the secondary market then use a reputable company, we created this guide to ensure you don’t lose money when buying tickets.

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Getting Tickets From Classified Ads/Social Media

There are always people “selling” tickets online via Craigslist/Gumtree and Twitter. HOWEVER this is a recipe for losing your hard-earned cash. Scammers use the desperation of fans and if a deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. People will make up many different reasons why you should send them cash before you get the tickets.

Why Worry About This

Losing your cash is a real possibility and this happens to hundreds of fans each year. The best way to guarantee entry into the game is to use a trusted website as listed below.

What a Europa Final Ticket 2024 looks like

As soon as tickets are released we will post pictures of tickets. We do expect them to be in the form of Electronic Tickets or digital ones in which they are presented at the turnstile on your phone. This will be the same as the system used the UEFA European Championships. Tickets can be transferred instantly between fans making it an easy to receive tickets from the seller.

Who do I recommend?

My number 1 choice for tickets would is listed in the above tableThese have consistently shown why they are the number 1 ticket company for football tickets in the UK and Europe. I have used them personally and been recommending these for over 10 years and have yet to receive a single complaint about the service. There are many other websites online selling tickets for the Europa League, whether they are trustworthy and deliver them is unknown.

All tickets listed on here are 100% guaranteed, therefore for the big European Finals, I highly recommend them to our readers.

Most tickets will be in the form of E-Tickets, which will be emailed or transferred via the UEFA Digital Wallet, this is a great system. All tickets ordered are 100% guaranteed.

Sell Europa Cup Final Tickets

For those fans fortunate enough to have tickets and they wish to sell them, we will give some of the best options here.

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