Update May 2023:
There is an increased demand for Arsenal tickets for all upcoming games. We advise fans to purchase tickets only from safe and trusted websites.  See our top recommendation on where to buy tickets to watch Arsenal below.

We created this guide to ensure you can find safe Arsenal tickets, 100% guaranteed from trusted websites without losing any money.

Arsenal Background

Arsenal Football Club is one of England’s oldest and most successful football teams having won 13 league titles and a record 13 FA Cups. The club plays the home games at the Emirates Stadium in north London, which has a capacity of over 60,000 fans.

As a worldwide club, Arsenal fans from around the world visit London to attend the matches and be part of the atmosphere generated only at English football stadiums.

Where to Buy Arsenal Tickets

Whilst the best place to purchase Arsenal tickets is directly from the club box office at,  the fixtures always sell-out and buying tickets officially is very difficult, even more so this season with the team performing well on the pitch. The other option would be to purchase them through recommended ticket website in the secondary ticket market (listed below).

Official Club

As stated above, the first place fans should try is the official ticket office, however unless you have a season membership, it is not possible to purchase seats. The cost of a membership for Arsenal is £34, one of the most expensive membership for any club in the English Premier League.

Whilst purchasing a membership is a good investment if you wish to attend more than 4 games in a season, if not then it is probably not good value. Tickets go on sale often 4-5 weeks before the match, however with the increase demand, getting tickets officially is extremely difficult. The other option, like many fans do, is to purchase them from a recommended resale website.

See the section below on where and how to purchase tickets for Arsenal from trusted websites.  arsenal

There is a large secondary market for the resale of Arsenal tickets, however we can only recommend a few trusted websites that have a great history of delivering tickets as well as excellent customer service.

Please only purchase tickets from the websites listed below,  I can personally recommend these sites as being the best available online.

Where to Buy Safely and Securely

Whilst there are many websites online that offer tickets for Arsenal matches for sale, only a handful can be recommended to provide your ordered match tickets.  My personal choice is to use the first option to be guaranteed delivery of your seats.

This list is always up-to-date; these are the best online and have a great history with football tickets.

Buying Tip: Make Purchase Online – Ticket Confirmation is Instant and the order is guaranteed. 

Ticket WebsiteRating
Number 1 Arsenal Website Online - 100% Guaranteed Tickets.

My 1st Choice for Arsenal tickets.

Avoid Website
Avoid Website.

If you do decide to purchase it would be appreciated if you went through the above links as this ensures that we can track any sales and offer free advice to more people online. is the only free online website detailing advice and information of where to purchase Arsenal FC tickets.

Members and Ease of Purchase

The cheapest and safest way to get tickets is to purchase them directly from the club box office online, however this is often not a possibility. In order to have the ability to purchase tickets you are required to have an Arsenal Membership, the cheapest being a RED Membership priced at £34.

This type of membership only allows you to purchase tickets if you are lucky to get to the front of the queue (online) and quick enough to purchase the minute they go on sale.

Each game 3,500 tickets are released to RED members only, the Arsenal website is the best place to see the date each game goes on sale.

Please Note. All Arsenal tickets and especially for big games sell-out within minutes online. Demand is always high for Premier League games.

However Games in the FA Cup (depending opponents) and English cup are in less demand and therefore this is your best bet for getting a ticket to Arsenal.

Ticket Categories and Prices

The following prices are broken up in categories of the game. For example the higher prices are for the ‘big’ games such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool whilst the low prices are normally for cup games such as the Capital 1 cup.

Centre Upper £126 / B £73 / C £51 

Goal Upper £89.50  / B £52 / C £36.50

Wing Upper Back £83 / B £49 / C £34.50

Corner Upper Back £83 / B £49 / C £34.50

Corner Lower £63.50 / B £36.50 / C £26

Away Fans:
Adults £62 (B £35.50) (C £25.50) Over 65’s/Under 16’s £26.50 (B £15.50) C £13.

We are always looking at improving our guides so if you have anything to add or contribute then please feel free to contact us. We offer free guides and recommend secondary ticket agents in case you cannot get tickets. Please use our links so that we can keep this advice free and without advertisements.

Upcoming Arsenal Games

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Outside The Emirates Stadium, London

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