Real Madrid Tickets

Real Madrid are one of the biggest football clubs in the world. The home stadium in Madrid, Spain is Santiago Bernabéu which has a capacity of 85,000.
The team currently consists of some of the best players around the world including Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale.

Official Real Madrid Tickets

Well the obvious and best way to get tickets would be directly through the official ticket of Real Madrid. However most tickets for most games can be purchased here but tickets for the biggest and best games e.g. Champions League and FC Barcelona are always sold-out. The best way would be to buy them on the Secondary Ticket Market for Real Madrid, using other methods are discussed below and are not advised.

Outside the Bernabéu

I have been to the stadium several times and buying outside on the street is not recommended as there have been many occasions when people lose money purchasing fake tickets. There are many ‘Revendedores’ outside the stadium located mainly near the ticket office and near all the metro entrances.

My advice would be to definitely buy tickets before arriving in the capital of Spain. If you can arrive in the city with the tickets in possession then that is the primary aim but this is not always possible.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets

Also referred to as ‘El Classico’ this game is one of the biggest club games of the season. Tickets for all games between these 2 teams always cost way above any other home game. Ticket prices normally are more than  £350/450Euros upwards to £ 700/€900

Beware of companies that will say that Classico tickets will be delivered by courier at the stadium. This method relies on you arriving at the stadium and meeting the courier only an hour or so before kick-off. My advice would be to demand that tickets are delivered to you before the match day to your hotel. On many occasions tickets are delivered without any issues.

Many ticket brokers ask for tickets to be delivered to your hotel in Madrid or for you to collect them from a city centre location.

George is a passionate football fan dedicated to providing fellow supporters with comprehensive insights into safely purchasing tickets online. George aims to provide expert information on where and how to get football tickets online from safe sources.

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